"I can bring out the best in you and help foster the changes that are important to your small business." 



Let's create beautiful print marketing that represents your brand. Need help writing catchy print to entice your customers? Let me help! Stand out in a crowd. I'll create digital marketing that will mirror print marketing for your website and social media outlets. I'll make your vision come to life and I'll ship right to your door.


Own an existing business or have a new business idea? Let's brainstorm to create a solid business strategy, marketing model, and implement a powerful action plan. I'll listen, bring out your strengths, and show you the possibilities. Let's get quiet, clear some space in your life, and figure out your "soul's" purpose.  


Have you looked at your competitors website lately? It probably sucks...but so does yours. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Your website is the first, if not only, impression of your business clients will have - make it a good one! You don't need to spend a fortune to have a beautiful website.

Deciding when it's time to ask for help can be hard.


Whether you are a seasoned small business owner or you want to open a new business, you soon realize you can't do it all. Being your own accounting, human resources, customer service, marketing and training departments, administrative and management staff, and cleaning crew gets old...real quick. At some point - you need help, that's where I come in!

Sound like you? Don't give up! You've landed on my website for a reason, let's do something about it, together.




 You'll notice one of the projects below is my own business website. I won't try to sell you something I don't use myself. I don't take on a project unless I'm 100% sure I can deliver, which means I am passionate about my work and helping you get on your feet. My clients are the most dedicated, motivated, and well rounded small business/non-profit owners in their respective fields. Take a look at some projects I've worked on below.



Candice CaRLTON



“Our non-profit has hosted a local festival for the last few years. The festival’s website looked decent, and the event’s social media engagement was so-so. This past year, we were looking to grow our event and solicit more sponsors. After V Traylor Design & Consulting redesigned our website, the difference was AMAZING! The level of professionalism her design brought to our event was phenomenal, and the increased site traffic because of the professional looking site was through the roof. We had so many more hits to the website, increased early ticket sales, and our sponsorship reached an all-time high. Can’t thank V Traylor enough- her design really took our event to the next level!”
— The Village Farmer's Market Association